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    Pika's Art - Musical Note

    [center:3ku497pn]Various members of the 'My Pictures' file that are not good enough for Deviant Art or Tumblr.


    I believe this is a semi-quaver.


    [spoiler:3ku497pn]Hank Hill

    I draw Hank Hill and Hank Hill accessories.

    Vladimir Makarov

    The 'Goodbye, Captain Price,' scene with a heavily-altered point-of-view.[/spoiler:3ku497pn][/center:3ku497pn]
    [center:2soyb3xw]ALWAYS ANIMATES


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    Re: Drawing of Vladimir Makarov (MW3)

    Your main problem is not the coloring, it's the anatomy, he could be purple and orange but if the anatomy was good it'd be good. The only way to get better at anatomy is to practice with some kind of reference, pictures, people, sculptures, they'll all work. You should also work on paper before you work on the computer, the extra freedoms a computer gives aren't useful to you right now and are out weighed by the flow and speed of drawing on paper.

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