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Thread: My art thread.

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    My art thread.

    Well guys, I decided to post some of my stuff here. I used mix media, My common ones are crayon, colored pencil, and markers.
    I plan on taking art lessons because as A adult I plan on being a graphic designer or comic artist. So I draw in a somewhat cartoony way.
    heres the first, a SUV. colored with crayon.

    Heres Deadpool, colored with pencil. classic costume.

    Doctor Doom. Damn sunlight fucked up the picture, will try to re take later.
    Colored with markers.'

    Wolverine, colored with markers

    Again, doctor doom. colored with markers

    IM gonna take a minute to say this: MY PRIME MEDIUM IS MARKERS! I draw on sketching paper with a bunch of different pencils and ink them before coloring them.

    Ill upload more when I have more, thinking about making a Deviant art page. Whats your take on the art?

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    Re: My art thread.

    Yeah these aren't very good. The proportions are off, and they don't look very neat. Since you want to become a comic artist, you'll be drawing a lot of bodies, so if I were you I'd practice by sketching poses and different body types and getting used to the size and length of limbs etc. And make sure they're real bodies, not cartoon ones. Then you can move onto faces and guns etc.

    Don't use color until you get the hang of the above.
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