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    Digital Painting by Olix [Ps CS6]

    Hey guys. I recently joined the digital painting world.
    I'm practicing so much every day, and I decided to share my work with you guys, so you can help me with suggestions and stuff like that and so I can do the same with you.

    note: I use Photoshop CS6 and a Wacom Tablet (bamboo).

    That is what I'm working on at the moment, it is a Cowboy which I started from 0, using a Clint Eastwood, man with no name, reference for clothing and generic face photos as light/shadows reference.

    This is the first sketch it's more like a scratch, 'cause I literally just lined the hell out of the artwork in a few seconds.

    Then I started adding some more details, this time with a thinner brush and separated by layers - Face, Inner Clothing, Outer Clothing; I drew the exact same clothes used by Clint, as you can see:

    The next step is was to color the separated parts of the body, I started with the head.
    I'm not gonna show details of that process, but I can tell you that I used at least 15 different layers, one for each level of light, which I merged as I finished.
    I also added the base colors for the other layers:

    I did the same with the cloak (which I called outer clothing), and later the hat.

    I was gonna make the inner clothing too, but I was tired. So, I started a much cooler and not too tiring part, the beard.
    I created a new layer which I painted the beard shape in black. Then I added noise and later radial blur, so it would have that barb effect. The next step was to change the layer blending to Overlay, and make some adjustments in Hue Saturation.
    I also used Nudge tool on the head layer to make the beard to look even more real.
    A small detail that changes a lot:

    And this is what I got so far:

    It totals about 7-8 hours of work (I know it could be done faster). But I still got a LOOOOONG way to go.

    I'll keep updating this thread as I work. Bye!
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    Re: Digital Painting by Olix [Ps CS6]

    This is extremely well done, and I will be checking back for updates, but there are a few problems.
    The beard isn't very noticeable, and the clothes lack texture, almost like plastic.
    Everything else, shading, anatomy, color, it's all good.

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    Re: Digital Painting by Olix [Ps CS6]

    Thanks for your comment, man. Very nice review.
    Glad you noticed it!
    I know that, I'll add all textures later. Either the cloak or the hat are not even close to be finished.
    As for the beard, it is my intention for it to be tenuous. Otherwise, it would cover some very important details of the face, which I don't want to be hidden.
    Thanks again.
    D.A.N.G.E.R.O.U.S. A.N.I.M.A.L.S.

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    Re: Digital Painting by Olix [Ps CS6]

    that was brilliant!!

    I honestly don't think there's any way to improve that, it's perfect!

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    Re: Digital Painting by Olix [Ps CS6]

    That looks incredible, the texuring is very detailed and the beard is just Wow.
    Only thing that looks a bit weird is his nose. Seems like the nosebridge isn't wide enough.
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