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    DaniŽl's Drawings - Finn the Human [Wallpaper]

    Hey guys, some of you might know I like to draw. I don't have a big talent, but I hope to make improvement. I doodle a lot and decided to finally share some of my digital 'art' with you.

    Make sure you click the links to see the images.

    Finn the Human Wallpaper
    October 22nd 2012: After my previous Finn drawing, I wanted to do a more elaborated one with shading. Drawing a 720p wallpaper on a 10.1" laptop is hard.

    Finn the Human Portrait
    October 21st 2012: I started watching Adventure Time today and had to turn my joy into something productive.

    Business Chicken
    October 20th 2012: I was originally going to be a pig and a chicken, but I liked the chicken much better.

    Fluttershy en Profile
    October 7th 2012: My second attempt at digital shading. Quite proud with the result although I do feel a lack of personality.

    Ms Pop
    September 9th 2012: My first time drawing a pony. I decided to go with an original character named Ms Pop, based on Mrs Cake from the show.

    Any criticism is appreciated.

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    Re: DaniŽl's Drawings - Finn the Human [Wallpaper]

    As much as I despise anything even remotely related to MLP, these drawings are pretty slick

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    Re: DaniŽl's Drawings - Finn the Human [Wallpaper]

    I had no idea you made your steam picture, looks great man

    Most of these are great, but you should probably work on your outlines, they seem a little sketchy, but your colors and stuff are great. You should post more art.
    See You Space Honkboy...

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    Re: DaniŽl's Drawings - Finn the Human [Wallpaper]

    those are quite nice man.
    try to digitally draw more often


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