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Thread: 616?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleAnimator
    I don't give F*ck about the bible, personally. I believe in common sense, not a book.

    I don't believe in the Devil, I don't believe in God. So basically I think 616 and 666 are just numbers used to scare people. You might as well just tell them that unicorns and leprechauns are real too.


    *waits for bitchy reply*
    Your wait is over. Took 6 years, but here goes.
    Common sense = intuition, which is just as stupid taking a book's word on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Win_Guy
    Energy doesn't obey the laws of physics

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    Re: 616?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Reaper
    I can see Pistol cringing at this thread.
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    Re: 616?!

    For interest:


    Other Revelation manuscripts such as Papyrus 115 and Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus (C; Paris, one of the four great uncial codices) reads the number of the beast in (13:18) as 616.

    P115 (P. Oxy. 4499), located at Oxford University’s Ashmolean Museum, dates to around 300 AD. The manuscript is one of the oldest fragments of Revelation[15][16] containing Chapters 2-15. It agrees with both Codices Alexandrinus and Ephraemi Rescriptus, two of the best known witnesses to Revelation.[17] However, only Codex Ephraemi agrees with the number 616, which is argued to be the original reading of the Greek text,[18][19] [20] written out as: ????????? ???? ??, hexakosioi deka hex (lit. "six hundred and sixteen").[21]

    Although Irenaeus (2nd century AD) affirmed the number to be 666 and reported several scribal errors of the number, he knew about the 616 reading, but did not adopt it (Haer. v.30,3). However, several centuries later, correcting the existing Latin language version of the New Testament, commonly referred to as the Vetus Latina, Jerome left 616 in.[22] "The number 666 has been substituted for 616 either by analogy with 888, the [Greek] number of Jesus (Deissmann), or because it is a triangular number, the sum of the first 36 numbers (1+2+3+4+5+6...+36 = 666)".[23]

    The number 616 can still be found in the Latin version of Tyconius[24] and an ancient Armenian version (ed. Conybaere, 1907).

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