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Thread: Psychiatry

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    Psychiatry, as most people should know, is a centuries-old medical specialty involving the study and treatment of mental disorders. Although the central goal of psychiatry has not changed much (or at all), the technology and treatment in the field have grown much more complex.

    Some critics of modern-day psychiatry would say that the effects are much worse than the original problem and some patients are treated against their own will, among others. Electroconclusive therapy in use for psychiatry might be the highest concern.

    So, psychiatry: a legitimate medical field or an unnecessary one?

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    Re: Psychiatry

    Why would you want to pay someone to, most of the time, pretend to listen to you for an hour?
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    Re: Psychiatry

    I don't suffer from any mental ailments that I'm aware of, so I can't say this for certain, but I think it's for people who can't solve their own issues. I don't see why such fragile individuals should even be rehabilitated. You are providing a shaky, if any, support for them to build something off of to potentially crash down on the lot of us. Though there are exceptions, I can see there being some issues if some psychotic was 'fixed' and raised a family. People don't change like that.

    If the problem ever got bad enough to warrant a psychiatrist, I think that should raise some red flags about the person's own inabilities. Though I'm mainly speaking on the mountains of 'over-stressed' and 'depressed' individuals that may not, in fact, require the attention. Too many people are just whiny and need someone to talk to. The proper thing to do is deal with your own issues without having to waste everyone's time with your drivel about your childhood and your mother and whatnot.

    Though I'm prone to acting psychiatrist to some friends, that's somewhat different. I'd hate to put too fine a point on it, but the 'professionals' get paid. They technically benefit if their patients are messed up, and they benefit if more people see themselves as these needy drones who need help. Sure, there are some who genuinely want to help some genuinely damaged people, but I don't think the large majority saw clear past the rather large paycheck at the entrance.

    Hence; the whole system is flawed. Ask for help from friends, from family, people who's advice isn't motivated by monetary gain, however slightly. Though I can't vouch for their morality or their insights, I've found it to be quite enough to find the answers myself. And the crap about being treated against their will? Complete garbage. Unless someone forced you to go as some rehabilitation, which I'm not saying hasn't happened, then you're doing it yourself. Good job.
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