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    Alcohol, Tobacco or Marijuana?

    I'm curious to what you guys think is the best way to have a good time, all of them have pros and cons, I'll list them as I feel they belong and you guys just tell me what you think?


    I'm pretty sure everyone here has had some drink in them, I'm 13 and I've gotten tipsy at my friends house. The pros are it feels great while you drinking it. Cons, but the next day your hung over if you drink to much, and while your drunk your judgement is off I suppose. I've never been drunk, but I'm guessing it sucks the next day.


    I have also taken a hit from a cigarette, I have never smoken a whole cigarette though, but its really not addicting at all, the smoke was really harsh and I really never wanna smoke one again. Anyway pros are its LEGAL and that you do feel something, its hardly a high though. Cons, its actually bad for you, lung cancer and all that.


    Okay, so this is something I do a little more often out of a bowl. Pros are that it feels great, music is like an orgasm for your ears and you feel a lot better and happier. Also, its proven to not be a danger to your health and its even used to help cancer patients. Its just an herb. Cons are its illegal in most/all states (These laws seem to be different every day) and that it makes some people "lazy" I don't know anybody who has every become lazy from smoking pot, but some people believe this and it may be true for some people. Also, pot can become an 'addiction' for some people, but more of a craving that can, for most people, be controlled.

    What do you guys think about these? Which is the best to use? Or should people not use any of them.

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    Re: Alcohol, Tobacco or Marijuana?

    None if possible, but if anything marijuana.

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    Re: Alcohol, Tobacco or Marijuana?

    "This forum is not for surveys. "Coke or Pepsi?" for example. There's no debate in such a thread, it's just pick and choose."

    I don't see any real debate here. Locked*

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    Re: Alcohol, Tobacco or Marijuana?


    By the way, lern2debate
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