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Thread: UVB-76 Chatter

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    UVB-76 Chatter

    Okay so I was browsing across the intenet lol and I came across "hidden" (an most likley fake) messages of Russia's UVB-76

    Message 1

    The information I am about to relay to you is highly classified. No one is supposed to know this. I do not know how much time i have to relay this to you. Currently, I am behind several unknown proxies so the government is unable to track down my location. However, I know that with several people educated about the events about to unfold, I may be able to save hundreds of lives. These evens have been planned out for years in special sessions of the United Nations, barring some representatives from these meetings which were never to go down on record. This is completely staged, and everything that occurs results of these evens will be expected and set into motion by the government officials all over the world.

    Message 2

    The Russian Station UVB-76 is a "Dead Man's Switch" created to detonate a nuclear device set in South Korea's capital. It will be activated by Dmitry Medvedev's assassination in early September. It has been made clear in the sessions that North Korea will take the blame and war will begin.

    The United States and Japan will join South Korea as China will with North Korea. Nuclear weaponry will be involved, especially in nuclear incidents on USA's Western Coast.

    The Middle East will get involved, attacking the Eastern seaboard. President Obama and other continental political figures will be evacuated to an undisclosed location as the stock market crashes, civil unrest erupts and the National Guard takes over and puts martial law into effect.

    Western Europe, Africa and South America will be heavily affected economically while Australia remains virtually untouched. Russia will join China and North Korea and win the third World War, and a New World Order will be put into effect. Tell everyone you know to go into hiding in the most isolated corners of the earth and prepare for the worst.

    I can reveal very little information except for this. I am endangering my life and those of my loved ones by uncovering this massive plot. Please, let no one with authority know.

    Seems like bs to me, but let's discuss
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    Re: UVB-76 Chatter

    ??? How did you even get this information? Surely they didn't just have it out for you to browse over?

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    Re: UVB-76 Chatter

    Oh if I haven't seen this all over /g/ and /x/ forever. If anything it's just a military radio station. Also, there ARE real military transmissions from it (usually in russian, so translations are meh).

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    Re: UVB-76 Chatter

    Who cares, after all we're going to die the 21/12/2012 right? I don't mind if China or any other country takes over the world.

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    Re: UVB-76 Chatter

    I find it adorable that you'd even for a second consider this to be legitimate.

    This is standard writefag copypasta. There's nothing to be debated, and nothing of any other value. So this topic can fuck right off.


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