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    How we came to life

    i have a theory....well not so much a theory but if god REALLY was the creator than how was he created because there is always nothing before something and something has to create it or there is nothing.
    if people really thought there was just space and the rocks collided together blah blah n shit then how did the rocks get there.
    people also think we came from ameobas or however you spell it and like i said....that has to have come from somewhere.

    share your thoughts on how everything was made and what type of belief you agree with.

    i have a theory but i dont have time.
    fiht me irl stridur
    - luv smoeky xoxoxo

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    Re: How we came to life

    Theory says energy has always existed, because it can not be created nor destroyed. Matter formed from energy under special conditions.
    If you look at the Big Bang as the actual beginning of time, meaning nothing existed before it (not nothing as in blank space, but nothing as in a non existent state of being), time, matter, and energy did not exist before this event. The question isn't what was there before it (because there wasn't anything), but rather what was the cause of it or how did it come about.

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    Re: How we came to life



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