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Thread: Technology

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    Should we keep advancing in technology? I know it saves lives, with new treatments for ailments, and such, but what about other technology. I'm talking to you, Dr. Oppenheimer, the man who developed the atom bomb. We have the ability to wipe humans off this sweet planet that is dying, also because of technology, with thousands of weapons. Russia and the USA have developed enough WMDs alone to destroy all life on this planet. Also, weapons such as rocket launchers, flamethrowers and machine guns are tearing through this world. The planet (and us) is dying, and because we progressed with technology. What happens when faster than light travel is discovered? First off, that would be terrible for alien races as we are barbarians in my view, and we would be killed in an instant. Those speeds would shrink our bone density to the size of a toothpick.

    And shot again. And again. And if you die you will still be shot again.
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    Re: Technology

    How is it possible to be this stupid?

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    Re: Technology

    The impression that I'm getting here is that you want to surpress advances in technology as a whole due to personal fear mongering in the advancements in weapons. Some research is done in/with good intentions where others are not.

    What happens when faster than light travel is discovered? First off, that would be terrible for alien races as we are barbarians in my view, and we would be killed in an instant.

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    Re: Technology

    Say we agree with you. Go back to World War 2 and be an American. Through fear of death, ask that the German's do not further their technology to include mustard gas and compressed ovens. You wouldn't get anywhere. Technology is going to be used for war and death as much as it is for the well-intended advancement of civilization. Where would you be without a stove and microwave '>_>
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    Re: Technology

    Quote Originally Posted by Sniper

    How is it possible to be this stupid?
    Why don't we ask you? You're the one who read the original post, was fully aware of what section of the forum they were in, then still decided to post completely off-topic in an attempt to gain some praise.

    Honestly, I see where you're coming from. While technological advances are sometimes amazing things, there have been inventions which are possibly crippling to our life and even the survival of our species. That's just a fact of life though, for every good thing that'll be invented, something equally bad will be invented. Personally, I think the good things outweigh the bad, and I hope at some point, we develop enough to finally see how pointless all this war is.

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    Re: Technology

    Lmao, I love how "Continue to kill us all" equals to keep investigating new tech in the poll.

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    Re: Technology

    Shouldn't this be more of a debate about weapons? And your foundation for the debate is very flawed to begin with. I will not even begin to tell you how many things are wrong with what you said.
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    Re: Technology

    I am become death, destroyer of threads.


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