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    Is conflict essential?

    Without wars and famine and natural disasters, societies tend to prosper. But redefine prosper, as gaining resources. It also keep the population increasing.
    So without these things, we're looking at well oiled big companies stealing all the materials of the earth. People are popping up into the population like flies.

    Say, In 50 years, without any big problems we're looking at a crumbling world low on resources. Business struggles to survive. Through overpopulation disease spreads.

    Actions WILL be took. How long will it be before MILLIONS of people die?
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    Re: Is conflict essential?

    I think mass numbers of people are beyond becoming part of the war, but now only victims and collateral damage for the countries they inhibit. Thousands won't be sent into a country if a single nuke can do the same job on the enemy turf without sacrificing their own men.

    This is, at least, if nukes are resorted as the 'best plan of action' by one side.


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