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Thread: Piracy

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    What are your views on piracy? This particular article that Niall showed me roused my interest on the subject: http://torrentfreak.com/piracy-is-theft ... or-110303/

    I find the "stealing is different from copying" argument redundant, personally. Either way, it's a lost sale on the creator's part. I think it all just comes down to how much you care. If you like the creator's work, you should support them.

    Then again, I am being a hypocrite. I have downloaded a decent amount of junk that I truly love, but the simple fact is I'm a 14 year old with no income, making it impossible to buy everything. I reckon a lot of people are in the same situation.

    Do you pirate anything? Do you feel bad about it at all, or do you not care?
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    Re: Piracy

    There's no doubt that it's wrong, but as you said a lot of people do not have any income making it impossible to purchase certain things, especially with the price tags on a lot of software these days.

    I mainly torrent games for testing purposes. If game devs released demos I wouldn't torrent much at all. There are still things that I admit to downloading purely because I'd never be able to afford them. With software increasing in price and more and more kids our age having hobbies that revolve around computers, piracy isn't going to decrease.

    I don't really have a definite opinion on the matter.

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    Re: Piracy

    There isn't much to debate on the ethics of piracy. It's completely wrong.
    Still, most people either justify it in some way or don't care entirely.

    Here are some justifications/excuses/reasons I think people might use to feel ok about pirating
    Not being personally involved or invested in the software/music/videos being pirated
    Most of these companies or record labels make massive profits regardless
    Pirating is completely anonymous, physical presence isn't a requisite to download
    The general public isn't educated about piracy, ignorance becomes bliss
    The law is impossible to enforce upon everyone, resulting in little to no punishment for the average pirate
    Digital piracy is overshadowed by many other "worse" physical crimes, like property theft, abuse, etc

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    Re: Piracy

    Quote Originally Posted by Picto
    Either way, it's a lost sale on the creator's part.
    While I agree that Piracy in itself is wrong and is stealing, this is a really common misconception, and it really shines through when companies sue (companies assume that just because 2 million copies were torrented, the company directly loses 200 million dollars or whatever the products retail is). It's obviously untrue, there are many "ethical" torrenters, who will download something for the sake of testing it out or understanding how it works, and proceeding to pay or donate to the artist or developer if they enjoyed using it. This kind of thing happens a LOT more than people would expect, especially when it comes to the music industry. The music industry is in fact a prime example, as the exposure that the bands get through piracy causes live concert ticket sales to skyrocket, which is where most bands get the majority of their revenue from anyway. Tons of bands have even embraced this by putting full albums on their site either for free or for whichever price the consumer chooses.

    ALL OF THIS TO SAY, while Piracy is by definition malicious and should be considered wrong, it doesn't have as negative effect as people make it out to be. The real blow is really only taken when game and software developers are hit (sorry adobe).

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    Re: Piracy

    As you all said, it's obviously ethically wrong in some ways, but that doesn't mean it always results in a loss of profit for the developer. More copies of the game/ song/ movie being out there will increase the chance of the artist being discovered by more people.


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    Re: Piracy

    I love piracy. I live off of it.
    Although, the only things I pirate are music and some games, because my internet download speed is shit so I don't have the nerves to wait for it to finish downloading.

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    Re: Piracy

    Quote Originally Posted by Sniper
    As you all said, it's obviously ethically wrong in some ways, but that doesn't mean it always results in a loss of profit for the developer. More copies of the game/ song/ movie being out there will increase the chance of the artist being discovered by more people.

    That image describes my views on piracy perfectly, I don't really find it wrong, but I'm probably bias because it's how I acquire most of my music/games, seeing as I lack the funds to buy the music/games. I also torrent TV shows, but that's because my parents don't want to pay the extra 30 or so dollars for Austar or something. I do the same for movies, but if I want to see it at the cinema I'll go watch it, then probably torrent it later for later viewing.
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    Re: Piracy

    I pirate the majority of my music collection, merely because as a student about 95% of my income goes to surviving. I rarely, if ever, torrent a game without the intent of buying it later. But I'd be surprised if I could amass an iTunes library with little over 17 days of music legitimately.

    By no means is it right, but it's definitely easier.


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    Re: Piracy

    I download pretty much all my Music, software and Games.


    When i reckon a band really awesome i buy t-shirts, posters, visit concerts.
    I think that's just a really fair deal.
    Btw, i think it makes no difference if you make a playlist on youtube and listen to it all day or play it with your own media-player, either way you didn't pay for it right?

    I don't use most of it it often enough or long enough to make it worth my money because it's just way too expensive, period.

    Downloading games has one dissadvantage, you mostly can't play online.
    I think you don't hurt game-studio's if you don't use their networks etc.
    Btw, most of the provit is made with the sell for consoles like playstation and X-box
    I admit i play MW2 online, but the network I use is made by a third-party.
    Also, most of the games i download i already had, were broke or lost or i have one of the sequals.
    I don't have to feel too quilty.
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    Re: Piracy

    Well let's face it, paying 90$ for a video game is stupid. Then again, pirating a game that is a mere 20$ is also stupid.

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