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  • Born: string start. Death: string end.

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    [Debate] The string of life, and others. Poll for P #1.


    Ok, so you are alive, and you can pretty much guess that there are billions of lives out there. But how did YOU come to be? (1) When you were born, did you life start, and when you die, your string of life ends? (2) Or your string of life continues as long as the universe does, so when you die, you get reincarnated in an uncertain amount of time? (3) OR you were already fated to be like you are, and when a certain couple mates, you are born into life, and you die, and your string ends, but if the two people who were supposed to mate didn't mate, and you wouldn't be born, or aka, the tubes of life? If you think this is supposed to be based on religious people, I think about this all the time and I'm into scientific theories. I'm not religious in other words.


    When you are not born, or dead, can you think? Prolly not when you're not born, cuz you don't know ANYTHING, in your mind and "soul", but can you think when you're dead?


    Do you think by the time it's 2060's they'll have invented a machine that allows you to live forever? Or reincarnate you into another being/animal without damaging your brain in any way, and you'll still be able to think?

    Isn't life just like a mini-universe? We don't know how it started, and don't know if it will even end, even if everyone is dead (see my first theory)...

    That should be plenty to debate about. And right now, you'll post and reply to all of them if you're cool. I'll update more as soon as I get some. Which shouldn't be long, I'm always thinking unless I'm singing in the shower. Seriously.

    And btw, if you have another option or perspective or point-of-view for one of my theories, post and I'll add it in. And I will give cred, dun worry...

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    For #1 I like to believe answer 2.

    But that's because I don't want to believe that I'm nonexistent, having no mind or body. I guess that's what most Christians were hoping to fix when they invented heaven.

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