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    Re: The Right To Death.

    Quote Originally Posted by Faded
    Quote Originally Posted by icn_fr0z3nf1r3
    Imagine being suicidal, and then being arrested for "Attempted Suicide"
    What a terrible existence.... Your life was already so bad you decided to kill yourself and you even managed to screw that up. I think they should be locked up on principle of being massive failures. =D

    You can't get arrested for attempted suicide, everyone else in this argument already said what I was going to say. You've obviously never been to the point psychologically where you feel like a burden to the ones that surround you on a day-to-day basis and that you aren't good enough. I know people that have hit rock bottom, myself included where they've wanted to inflict harm on themselves. It's not fun at all having those thoughts run through your mind at any given time. Does that make me or any of those people massive failures? No. If you wanted to broaden the spectrum, I could go as far as to call everyone failures and I have evidence to back that up without sounding... well, like you. Society in this day and age is not perfect, we all make mistakes as human beings as it is a part of our existence. We all share the same emotions whether it's at the same time or not, both the good and the bad. There are several underlying factors as to why someone would want to end their life: money, relationships, and so many more. Sure, some people have it easy but I can almost guarantee though that these same people have gone through the same thought-process at one time or another that was shared by someone wanting to end their life. Come back and try again when you've experienced it because those same people you were talking about are not massive failures, especially me.
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    1. If you are a bullied teenager then change your school or get tough friends(That's what I did). DON'T KILL YOURSELF
    2. if you have financial promblems then use your head and relieve yourself from the problem. Bad days aren't for ever right? DON'T COMMIT SUCIDE(unlike my sister's professor who set himself on fire)
    3. If you have family then think about them. DON'T DIE
    4. If you are alone get some friends, seriously.DON'T KILL YOURSELF

    Your life is something god gave you to keep safe. he will take it whenever he feels like it.
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