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    Re: Bullying Made a Crime

    To touch on the emotional side of bullying, there's very little we can do at the moment. Obviously we cant send kids to juvenile hall for calling another kid a faggot, and even if we could its hard to prove someone guilty of that because its mostly opinionated as Jon said. However in the workplace and the adult world there are stricter laws against things like discrimination and vilification so I do believe that things like verbal abuse in adolescents could be handled a little better without being drastic and making it illegal. In the end Caleb was basically right on the money.

    As for the physical side, that shits already illegal and requires no discussion.
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    Re: Bullying Made a Crime

    Bullying in the workplace is considered to be harassment and charges can be filed of it. As a matter of fact, I am a victim of this since my manager said to my face while I was trying to help people since no one else would, a failure and I didn't know how to do my job.

    As for making it a law, I don't see how it can be done since as stated above, there is no factual evidence. I can understand it becoming more of a law in the workplace since most places implement cameras throughout their facility; however, most places even then do not have audio in the footage so there would be no way telling if what the victim was claiming to be bullying was true.
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    Re: Bullying Made a Crime

    I agree that it would be very hard to uphold the law. While it isn't right that some people insult others, they should be able to voice their opinion and frustration. It is freedom of speech to be able to do this. Additionally, people cope differently to verbal attacks. Others let it affect them but others ignore it completely so there is a question of whether or not the offensiveness can be measured.

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    Re: Bullying Made a Crime

    This topic is really about verbal bullying, no? It seems we can all agree that physical bullying is and should be illegal.
    I think anyone who's seen me post knows I believe in freedom of speech without any restriction, and the fact of the matter is people should be held accountable for their own actions, if you kill yourself, you killed yourself, no matter how many people told you to kill yourself.

    Amanda Todd is of course the most recent example of something like this, she was treated like shit for around a year before she killed herself, which is sad, it's sad as shit, but her actions were her own, plenty of people go through far worse and don't kill themselves.

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    If you ask me all phsical bullies should have time bombs implanted in their heads.
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