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Thread: Depression

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    Though I have never experienced extreme depression, I want to wonder what you guys feel about it. To start this in motion, I want to start by saying that I often hear people say to just "get over it". Now if its something small, I could understand, but people use this constantly. For example, people tell rape victims, bullied individuals, or even a person who has had no parents to get over it. Their probably several reasons why people say this, but I feel that in general, its because the person sees depression as white and black and don't take into consideration the biological, psychological, and social causes and effects it has and how complicated it is.

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    Re: Depression

    I don't think I've ever been really depressed, but I've certainly had my emotional ups and downs which I simply blame on the fact I'm a teenager. There are quite a lot of people that don't know the difference and wrongly use the term depressed for how they feel.
    You're not necessarily able to see on the outside if someone is depressed or not, I for one know a girl which appeared extremely happy and energetic but cut herself when she got home. I think it's because when you see other people and interact it's possible to sort of put your sad emotions aside, but the moment you're alone and start thinking everything becomes extremely pointless and sad again.

    There is medicine for depression, which indicates that there are biological factors and that it's not just a mental illness.
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