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    I really don't get what we're supposed to discuss. It looks to me like you're just giving us a maths lesson on how numbers are divided into 100... lol.

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    "if you switch" what?

    if you can open all the doors in any order that makes it a 100% chance
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    Your logic is horribly askew.

    1) If you choose a door yes, you do have a 33% chance to getting the money.
    2)After that, assuming you still get to open a door, the chances are 50/50 because one door has been eliminated from the options. It would only return to 33% if another door were to be added. But then, The money would obviously not be behind that door, as it wasn't a previous option, so where as it is a mathematical 33% it is still a logical 50% (yes I realize you didn't say anything about that)

    Of course there is also a possibility that it isn't a 33% chance the money is be hind one of the door, but a 33% chance that there is actually oney behind said doors. (<- If I were a gameshow host I would use this logic to kick people's asses, and if they tried to sue me I would clearly state that I said there was a 33% chance the money is behind these doors.)

    I don't think this is even a discussion topic. So either movee this thread to Other Stuff, or Lock it.
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    When u choose 1 of the 3 doors having a 1/3 chance of choosing the right one, u have a higher chance if u switch ur choice after one is revealed because:
    when u make your first decision u have a1/3 chance, but u also have a 2/3 chance of not choosing the right one, now when u have the oppotuniy to switch there is 1 right and 1 rong, so when u r in this situation teh way it works is if u switch u have a 2 out of 3 chance of getting it right because if u chose a rong one in teh beginning (2/3 chence) the door u then recieve will be the one with the money but if u chose the right one (1/3 chance) in teh beginning u would recieve a door without teh money.

    Now thats's alot of explaining, should be right =D
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