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    how? how did they make a language?

    Ok. I understand somone started talking and formed letters.Then words.Then senteces. Then writing. But how?

    Ok for example, English, acording to letter sounds dough is spelled do or doe. Ok u,g,and h are silent. Why?

    Somone must have started making sounds. ah buh ku du e ef and so on. So they saw a cat and said ku ah t- cat. Hard. But then how did they explain to others that it is called "cat". They would have to had used words. How did they explain what the words meant?

    Maybe they could point at the cat and say "cat". But then how did they explain- the and with ect ?

    I have thought about this for a while. The only way is that overy millions of years the devoped nouns and perhaps verbs and adjetives (why they said "me run") . Then they said "Rock Big"
    they thought it didnt sound right, and thought of a word that would make it right
    "Rock is big"
    Then, still it was wrong.
    They said, "The rock is big."

    That's the only way i can see that it happened. But then some where along the line of The english they came up with periods, commas,colons, semicolons, question mark, and eclamation mark . Then the thught that of pronouns. Then they made all other stuff. They must have been smart. Oh, wait then why do we have better technology? Clearly we coulld make a 100 times more complex launguage!

    What are your thoughts?!
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    Ok, according to the modern theories of sociological evolution, all humans started in africa, and moved across the globe. THey spent their days hunting, and lived short lives. When humans began growing their own plants, they could spend more time on silly things like language. They began to associate objects with sounds. LIke, say a rock is "gah". Now, they could go a little way further in life iwth this, but they needed ways to conenct objects together. They then bagan naming verbs, such as throwing something. That may have been "Ruhg". Now, It made sense to say "Ruhg gah!!!", and therefore language began to develope. Why do things like dough sound like doe? because of the french. They screwed everything up.
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    I think that God just gave man knowledge about language, when he scattered them in the world, at the tower of Babel. (Gen. 11) And man has been changing it ever since like the word "cool" that never used to exist but now it's common. But sometimes someone has put a language down to writing like the Indian languages, a man would go in and find the sound and make a letter corresponding to the sound, and then he'd make words with the letters he made.

    Actually there is reason to think that they were smarter a long time ago. They were building cities and stuff, and think about the Egyptians. They had to come up with their own algebraic expressions, in order to build the pyramids and sphinxes and stuff. The reason we have all the technology, is because we can learn from their mistakes and build on them.
    Oh, and Highly, I think that the dough, and doe stuff wasn't actually influence from France, but from the colonial times when they didn't have dictionary's and everyone had to come up with their own way to spell something. I know there was one president, Martin Van Buran, I think, I'm not quite sure. But anyway he was said to be a simpleton because he could only think of one was to spell a word. But then someone made a dictionary and that began to change. But the French definitely messed up a lot of words like, "faux pas" [foh pah]
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    Personally, I agree with your theory about god and such. I don't eblieve something as complex and intriquet as language and modern communication ahs anything to do with science.
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    Well, we developed langauges out of necessity to be able to convey thoughts accurately... how there came to be so many, people spread through earth, were separated, developed their own languages from a base language of the area, voila.
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    i think we all devolep language naturally. becuse who invented gangsta language? eg. for shizzle im gonna bust you up crakka. know one's know's the answer to this question really.

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    Also how do internet acronyms gets around. I've been trying to get GGYRSTFMPR into the mainstream for along while now.

    good golly you really stink this Friday morning President Roosevelt.

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    It wont end like that! read the bible
    And it wont end like that either. Read a brief history of time.


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