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    The meaning of life (WARNING MAY SEEM CONTRAVERSIAL)

    I myself have contemplated the true origin of life itself, in my opinion nothing can be a coincidence, bnut then again how can everything have originated from one supreme being, and why can't science and religion just agree, like i mean of course the world didn't begin with a single man (or did it), but in the same instance how is it possible for all of everything to be made of dust particles.

    I also believe that if we all could stop fighting each other it might be possible to further ourselves into the heavens and beyond, instead of just building weapons of masswarfare, and even if we aren't building weapons of mass destruction we are using them against each other.

    That's my opinion anyway... what's yours.

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    The debate is endless and nearly impossible to prove. No one knows everything about how the earth came to be but it is much more likely for it to be created over billions of years after however the universe was created (big bang w/e), then to say some omnipotent supernatural being created Adam and Eve the earth and the universe when there are artifacts and fossils of dinosaurs and of course humans that predate Adam and Eve.
    Also I'm pretty sure a topic about this has been made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy
    Quote Originally Posted by ddd9824
    It wont end like that! read the bible
    And it wont end like that either. Read a brief history of time.

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    Ibelieve this is the fifth topic this year on the subject. Our past conclusions have been this: The meaning of life is what makes you happiest in the end. As long as you do your best to be your best, it doesn't matter whether or not there is an afterlife or not, ebcause you will have left a lasting impression on the earth (your saga, in essence), and if there is a so called "Judgement Day", and afterlife, you will be seen very highly in the sight of god.

    As well as the science versus religion thing, science cannot even fathom something on another dimension being able to access every sentient being ( Like god is supposed to be able to). It will take billions of years for science to even be able to attempt at disproving god scientifcally, and vice-versa. My theory is that science and religion go hand in hand, and god really can't defy the laws of physics, he just is another dimension of science unfathomable to our current state of mind.
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    I don't know whether we are to debate about the meaning of life, or how life got started or why men are building weapons of mass destruction.

    Well, there have been a lot of topics dealing with, "The meaning of life", or "Why we live". And I think that the end result of the last one was that every one has a different reason why he lives.

    Science does agree with the Bible.
    The Bible says that the world is round. Science says that the world is round.
    The Bible says that there are just streams, Science says that there are jet streams.
    The Bible says that there is a water cycle, Science says that there is a water cycle.
    Quote Originally Posted by stickmen x
    ...like i mean of course the world didn't begin with a single man (or did it),...
    Science says nothing about the origin of man, or how the world was formed. Because science has to be observed. "Without observation there is not Science." That's what experiments are for, so people can observe how our Universe works and record their observations. Evolution and Creation don't agree. But Science and the Bible do. What you believe about how the earth was formed has to be accepted by faith, because we can't go back in time a observe it.

    Quote Originally Posted by stickmen x
    I also believe that if we all could stop fighting each other it might be possible to further ourselves into the heavens and beyond.
    It's been tried. People have tried to make Utopia societies, where everyone would get along with everyone else, and they'd all be one big happy family. But none of them worked. And the reason is man has a sinful nature. And so we are not perfect so we can't make a perfect world.

    So those are my thoughts on the matter.
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