Hello all, I am here to get some information for my daughters budding art interests. She is 12, so not allowed on forums yet. She has been drawing all her life, and her illustrations are amazing at this point. I would like to foster this in her, as its really her only hobby. She has stated on numerous occasions that she wants to be an animator. For now she loves My Little Pony, and her drawings reflect this, as she has perfected her "pony" drawings everyday. But its not only that, she is delving into drawing other things and its amazing! She's 12!!! Coming from a guy who can only draw stick people, her attention to detail is mind boggling.
Her dream is to attend SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) or RISD. I am looking into summer programs in our state that concentrate on art and will help her get her feet in the door.
One thing she really wants is a WACOM tablet. They are expensive, but I am down to get her anything she needs to help her out, and I figure if she starts on a WACOM, by the time she gets to the college level, she will have mastered the software and be able to move onto other platforms.
I will be building an art studio for her over my garage, and am asking all of you to help me get the right tools she needs at this age to get her started. So far looking at the Cintiq 13HD or the standalone Cintiq Companion2 (basic model for now). I will have to save up for one, but I want her to have good tools to help her in her interests. So thanks in advance!!