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    Lightbulb Heya! Request Full-body Figures for me to make! :D


    Heya! My names Rucril Darksbane. You can call me Ru, Rucril, Dark, Bane, or Rucril Darksbane. I'm not exactly new here. However, this is one of my first posts! If not the first! I create full-bodies, or rather usually I fuse two full-bodies together. However, I can create full-bodies. Now that you know me a bit better. Let's get down to business!


    You may request full-bodies here! I was going to post this in the requests section but I have no where near 100 posts!
    You may request any figure. I normally do Humans. However I will try to do things like aliens or other creatures!

    What I don't want

    I'd prefer that you don't request anything that Lg59 has already made. You may request fusions of his full-bodies however!

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    Thanks that would be amazing!

    Sorry if I sound a bit needy, but if you don't want to make it, that's cool.

    So if you read on (past tense) and wanted to know what stick figure I would like, here goes nothing.
    Could I get a 21 year old with gauntlets made out of rock.
    Eye colour (sorry I'm Aussie): Green
    Hair colour: extremely dark grey/grey.

    Thanks! And remember if this is a bit much this is all up to you whether you want to or not.
    See ya!

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    Ooh! I hope I'm not too late! Can I get this stick made?


    The torso is white, because a white T-shirt, but he has a black motor cycle jacket(That just means it is short.).

    The legs are black, black pants, as are the hands because he wears black gloves.

    A peach colored head with a short red-orange hair.

    This would be awesome as it is my online avatar!


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