Hi everyone. I am Marshall Rogers. Guitarist and co-founder of a band called mudwrench. I am trying to animate a drummer. I would just use film but the shots i need are no longer possible without using 3d animation because the drummer passed away. I need the animation to replicate an actual drum performance which i will be doing myself. Is there a way to do this? I am new to this but I can currently model and rig characters thanks to software such as Fuse and Make Human. How do I transfer my motion onto this model? Can I use a standard camera and motion trackers? If Not, would the kinect be capable of what i need? Does the kinect need a straight on image or can I capture from the side so that the drums are not in my way? Thank you. Any help will be very very appreciated. I have been doing everything myself and I am out of footage to edit. I am trying to create more footage of my drummer that I can use in editing.
Software I have
Adobe after Effects
Adobe Fuse
Cinema 4d - full
Final cut
Sony Vegas
Make Human