Well, I'm not really new, but this account is, and i haven't been here in....years. Many years. So that's kind of counts as new, right?

My old account was "I)eath2u4me". Aka "CnCFan2"

I'm breaking off some rust with this 1/3 complete animation, inspired by Fate/Stay Night, Archer vs Lancer. Please note, it's a work in progress.

I used the pivot animator along with paint.net. FPS was set to 30.3. I used to animate at 20 FPS. It's a video because, for whatever reason, it won't save a .gif for me. If the video doesn't work, it may take about 5 minutes after posting time for it to process and be available to watch.



( It's up to you to figure out what the complete animations are....haha )

Bob Rob's Library | Photobucket

Also, my old youtube.