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Thread: Play buttons.

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    Play buttons.

    I know this is a FREQUENTLY asked question but, how do i make a play button work? and like how much layers do i need to add to make it work properly, if someone could send me a tut and/or code it would be appreciated.

    EDIT: Oh, and could one of the skilled flash animators here possibly... tutor me?

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    Play button:

    Timeline control is probably the most used set of tools for anyone. To begin any movie
    people like to put a play button, so it doesn't start without you. To start lets make a play button.

    So far it looks like THIS

    Now we just need to add some code to it. Before you do anything, go out of the playbutton and insert a new layer.
    In the first frame of the new layer right click the keyframe and select 'actions'

    The actions tool bar will pop open. When it's open make sure you're in 'script assist' and then click the + sign to add a code. For this we need to add a stop code so the movie doesn't start playing at the beginning. So after you press the + go to global functions > timeline control > stop

    After you pick stop it should look like this.

    Now close the actions window and right-click the green button. After you right-click pick actions.
    The actions window should pop up again. This time when you press the + go to global functions > timeline control > play. Now leave this and animate the rest. It should look like this when you're done.


    The only thing you have left to add is the replay button. Make a button like before and and a keyframe with the code stop in it.
    Right click the button and go to actions like before, except instead of going to play, go to 'goto'

    Change the frame to 2 so it doesn't go back to the play button.
    You're done!

    Taken directly from my flash tut found here. If you have any other questions about flash please check the tut to make sure it already isn't explained there. And I get frustrated tutoring over the internet so you'll have to look for someone else.

    Ultimate Flash Tutorial
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    TY TY TY! dang this helps me alot! ty again!

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    ok, then locked.

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