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    OLD website design

    http://img408.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... outfr8.swf

    ok, well, about a year ago, my firend oki and I wanted to amke a website, for a tech blog, downloadable music, games, and software, and a forum.

    I was messing around with script used to resize movieclips when he decided to scrap the project. You'll see that the buttons in the start menu are reall odd looking, and that's because this is the second layout. The first layout was very odd looking, and I amde it in MS paint. The reason the buttons suck is because he scrapped it ebfore I was done revamping the layout. It can be foundat the below link (since for some reason I only have the EXE version). If you have a mac, tell me in this thread, and I'll upload the Hsx version.

    I only remembered about it today, as I was browsing through my ginormous, largely ubnorganized, flash folder. It's a maze of folders, and some lead to dead ends... and yeah.


    The reason I'm posting this is because this is my biggest actionscript feat. It just doesn't feel right eltting it rot in my files, because I spent such a long time perfecting it.
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    up your....finger
    Oh yeah i remember you posting this. I like it alot. But it looks weird, the BG I mean.

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    wow, i like

    very interactive. needed a background really though ;D
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