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    Sprite Animation

    Hey, this is urban, and a lot of people like my sprites animations, they are pretty smooth, usually battles,so they are actiony. Some asked, on this forum and others, how do you do it. Well first, you must know what a sprite is:

    You know those old video games you used to play. The NES, SNES, Sega, even gameboy? The little pictures running around are called sprites. Talented people rip them from the games and make whole sheets (Rock Lee Sprite Sheet) of all the movements and such. They are really useful, not only for making movies, but also for stick movies for real looking weapons.

    What can you do with sprites:
    Sprite Animations
    Weapons in Pivot 3
    Flash Sprite Ani's
    Loads of other stuff

    Well, I think I covered that well, so lets get to how to get em. Here are some starter sites

    and those were just for naruto. There are a lot of video games, thus a lot of sprites. Dont belive the myths that they are hard to find. They wont show up, unless you know hwat you are looking for. Some sites dont give much, but here is prolly the best megaman database ever

    Well then on with the tut.

    In order To get the Individual sprites:
    1.Right click and save as

    (example) , putting it in a folder for organizational reasons.
    2.Open it in paint, and use these

    (example) tools. They are probably going to be the most used ones in your arsenal of Sprite-tism
    3.Just cut out a section of the selected pic

    (Square Marque)

    (free Hand Marque) (it is best to use the square one, you'll see why later)
    4.You've done it, you've acutally gotten a sprite off of the sheet.

    Well then, onto the next, you want to string together the images to make a small movie, like this simple one (which we will be making)...........and yes, I know it sux ass. Deal with it. You have to start somewhere, and that was acutally my very first with sprites (you wont get here until a little bit of practice)

    ADD NEW FRAME-the plus is what you'll mainly use, because that adds the image you want.
    WORKPLACE-you see what happens in the animation
    TIMELINE-see the order of your images
    TIME-control the time to which your image wil play (i usually use 10, although a godd range is 8-15)
    EDIT PANEL-use this for small editing work, like moving your image a few pixels over or something, (i like paint better )
    PREVIEW-ummmm.....if you cant understand, try hooked on phonics one last time

    (We'll be using this the Active GIF Creator. You'll be getting the unregistered version (because not every person has flash, lots o money)

    Now then, onto the movie(here is the sprite sheet):

    (for GIF Animator users)
    1. at the third row from the bottom, you;ll see our work point. If you want, cut it out and put it into another paint thing to make sure you dont confuse yourself

    2. make one more paint, this for your stage. Make it look any way you want in movies, for now just keeping it white.

    3. cut the first of that row and paste is somewhere on the new paint, like
    this. This will be your first frame, and to aviod confusion, make a new folder and save the movie's files all in that. NAme this one 1.bmp or w/e, just make sure it is numbered.
    Here is the part I usually mess up on. If you want, there are two steps you can take with the animator. Upload each file single (time consuming) or just make the whole movie frame by frame and upload a buncha images (great) in one fell swoop. I usually do the latter, but always mess up by saving over my stuff. You have to remember to SAVE AS, not just SAVE.

    4. Your first frame may be done, but you still need the window open, here is where you'll learn about what I like to call back color fade (i dont know the real name). See all the way at the bottom, the color pallette? You know how there are two colors you can pick (one right clicked and one left clicked) The right clicked color is the background, so if you delete anything, it will show up in that color. It also means that
    these buttons here are real important. The one on the top will just make the copied images background and everything show up on top of what you've done. The one on the bottom makes it invisble ONLY IF THE PASTED IMAGE'S BACKGROUND IS THE SAME COLOR AS THE RIGHTCLICK'd COLOR OR IT WONT WORK. For this step, just copy the next part of the movie, then paste it into our stage area. After that, click the bottom one of those two buttons showed earlier. Your image will pass over, and not copy the backing,
    like this when you pass the pasted over it.

    Here is a tip, when placing images over another, especially with humans, look for what I'll call the dominate foot. Running animations and walking ones, the DF is the foot that doesnt move for that period of time. IN this case, when he is stading still the DF is usually the back or both feet. An even better way to make sure that it is one point is to use the exact bottom of the circle (you may have to zoom), with the exact bottom of the green power aura. Make sure to paste the new image right over the old one, with your new image looking like this.

    The Next steps are simple. Just keep on copy, pasting, and then resaving (remember to number/aphlabetize/put in some sort of chronological order). Remember to use the functions of the lower marque paste option, in order to fully get the best out of your animation.

    Here is your finished product (by the way, the gif animator lets you open gifs if you may want to edit them, just go in and open)

    Sorry, I know it is confusing, so dont try unless you got some time on your hands to go through the steps and read. This is my first tutorial, and I wanted to make sure it was good before I posted it on here and animator's hall

    Also, you can tranfer you gif into flash, add sound and such, and have a full fledged movie (some people like me, learned this way)

    BOOM!. thread jacked.

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    I like the tut man. It's very straight forward, but sprite anis in piv 3 are good to, you don't need flash. I've done all my sprite anis without it.

    Like this one

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    yea, i know about piv 3 stuff, jusst that my friend didnt have it. Instead, i made a link to an unregistered version of a gif animator, where you can upload different images and string em together, which this tut was for . (i diidntk know where to put it).

    BOOM!. thread jacked.


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