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    stop asking you joo

    need a mentor for the basics of animation

    Im just not really getting flash =\

    I mean, I try redrawing every frame, but no matter what I do, the figure always gets a little bit bigger every frame, and eventually he has grow 200% in size.

    So if anybody is patient and willing to help me with flash, not just animating like that, but proper technique for drawing in flash, how to make a custom preloader, etc, I would really appreciate it

    my MSN is: fallenangelg2@hotmail.com


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    Things like size morphing takes practice and dedication.

    Moreover, if you don't have any artistic skill, you wont be good at flash. Try drawing realistic figures (real people), Look at some drawing tuts, get proportions right, and it'll be a whole lot easier. Like I've said, it just takes a lot of practice and dedication.
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    I saw by yourself is the best way. Just look at some tuts and try things like in pivot. Be creative. This is how i learned too. You don't need a mentor IMO, just some tips.

    No one rates your animations? Do you need help? Do you want to request something?
    PM me and I'll do my best to satisfy you.


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