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Thread: AS Help.

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    AS Help.

    basically, I'm trying to make a really basic game with sqaures and stuff going across the screen.

    http://www.swfup.com/swf-view.php?id=9268 - My Game so far (if you did, right click>play (then press up/down straight away :P))

    I need to know two things.
    • How do i make more than one enemy move in random stops and random speeds to the left wall?

      When the enemy hits the left wall, I want the counter to go up by one every time. But it only goes up one, then it just stops.

    Please help em out. :'(

    EDIT : I got the point system to work, not i just need to no how to randomly spawn enemies.
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    I fyou want my enemies across, make them go off screen, put more off screen than just one. I fyou want them to come at other times, make them go off screen farther. And don't make them go so fast. Thats all I can say.


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