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Thread: Flashes

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    So I made some flashes a while ago. And decided I'd show them to you all. Sadly they are all shorts I've made. I'm still working on building up an attention span that will allow to me to work on one project for a long period of time. Anyway, here you go.
    I forgot to add. Itchy was the name on my other forum. That's why it says itchy for the artist name.

    A falling test i did:
    View my swf file!

    A movement test:

    A test I tried using motion tweens:

    And just a flash I did to kill people : (Unfinished)
    View my swf file!

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    not really all that good, but i did find them entertaining, i look forward to you getting a good attetion span so i can see a longer flash from you, work on movements and detail and they will turn out fine... courtesy returned??
    Quote Originally Posted by HippiePivot,Oct 18 2009, 02:25 PM
    PivotElite: I was just the average noob that admired him on youtube when he first started Pivot. I always thought "Id kiss the ground this guy walked on, i wish I could just meet him." Who would have known that I'd be in the situation with him that I am today. I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me and site. I don't like to admit it, but he's still my idol in every way. Ask anyone on HP who they first were welcomed by, and who was there friend when they came. They will most likely all say PivotElite.

    What a guy! :')

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    the only one i liked was the last one. its a loop and its kinda neat to watch.....
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    They're okay. The fall test physics were way off. Work on that.

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    i have to say, stick to the FBF stick people drawn with the paint brush, you are much better at those kinds, and keep away from the line sticks, no offence but you suck at them, but yeah, flash is like pivot in a way, make small movements, ease, and trail. You are a good "flashist" keep it up.


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