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    That is useless you will never find me.

    Teh ultra flash tut! (probebly big file size lol)

    HAY everyone i haven't posted on DD at all... i just had this account just incase... but anyway heres my flash tut i posted on droidz. So this is really just a copy and paste also i didn't know were to post it so i posted it here

    Hey everyone i guess you have seen my cooleo animations like this:


    And now i will show you guys (/n00bs who just got flash and said "OmGzorz how tew i work efflash!)
    how to make animations with flash...
    Now when you open flash you see dis:

    now you start out by makeing a background with the line tool,or the brush tool.

    Now to make it with the line tool just press the line button and bring up the properties tab at the bottom. Then change the number to how thick you want the line, i usually i set it to 4 or 5.

    Then if your gonna make it with the brush tool just press the brush and click and drag. simple.

    Oh and uf your wondering what tool to use the make your background:

    There both good to use. but use a smaller brush O_o

    So,now your done with your background,just press the new layer button:

    Oh and press the paint bucket to fill the back ground in.

    Then after pressing new layer you can start animating your sticks.

    Now there are 2 ways of going at this... the brush...

    and the line...

    I use the line. But eather one works...

    So first i will show you how to animate with the brush.

    Now first make sure you select the new layer "layer 2" (just click on it)
    Then press the zoom thing and set it too 400% then press the brush size and set it to the biggest size then change the color to what you want

    Then... DRAW YOUR STICK!
    Then press the button under the timeline next to the red line button.
    And that is the onion skin button...

    Then after that you can press the button on your keyboard "F7"
    Then you will see a gray out line of where your stick was last then re-draw it,press F7,draw it again,press F7,draw it again,you get the picture And thats pretty much it to animation.

    So if your wondering,how to view your animation so far... just press "enter" on your keyboard,So anyway

    Now your saying... "AWESOME" "but how do i animate sticks with lines?"

    Now i will tell you how,now that you know how to animate.

    all you do is press the line tool... you know were that is right? Well anyway just press the line tool then press the magnet tool (only press it if it is pressed down already) then make your stickman with lines.

    But he has no head :O

    So to make a head just press the circle tool then click the drag... then press the selection tool and drag over the circle

    then right click on it and press convert to symbol then make it a movie clip and name it

    then all you have to do is drag the head to the neck and then press F7 then keep on doing that then when you need the head just drag it out of the library on to the neck, also if you can't see the library just turn down the library tab on the right side

    Now it's probebly choppy and slow so to tone up the frames per second, Near the timeline... well under it... it says like 12 FPS just click it a couple times and then a window will pop up and just change the fps higher!

    I use 20 FPS but thats for really goooooooood people.

    Oh and sorry I'm not really going in order with this... im just lazy. :P

    Now for play buttons... just go to this link:


    Yup it's a tut i made when my name used to be stick-killer

    And now i have pretty much EVERYTHING you need to know on to make a flashy good animation.

    Heres how you save it.
    Now if you need to go to sleep or leave the computer,so you can open it later... you save it as...


    Then all you do is press "file" then "save as" simple lol

    Now if you wanna save it,so you can show other people and say "HAY LOOK AT THIS Animation i made!!"

    You save it as...


    To do that press file "again" and press export >>> Flash movie

    Then it will bring you up to a pop up window like this:

    So then it will bring you to this pop up

    I have no idea what any of this stuff does so press ok,lol

    Then whatcha do is upload that SWF to http://www.swfup.com and then just post in the begginers thread and post the link to your SWF file,and thats it....

    I hope my tut help :grin: Please tell me what you think,and what else i should add.

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    Good tut, shows the basics of flash and making a movie with the brushes and lines.

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    This should be in flash chat... since it's not a pivot tutorial. Also, it is good... Try to cover more though...

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    wrong section,
    flash chat, but it'll probably be moved.

    Good tut and all, but im pretty sure theres a tut around here that covers all that and more.

    Maybe cover as?

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    That is useless you will never find me.
    THanks for teh comments

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    Re: Teh ultra flash tut! (probebly big file size lol)

    doesn't anybody else think there should be a flash tutorials master list ?????!?!?! if so then this should be on it for teaching some basic stuff like using brush or the line tool
    i can has asdflasdfaksdfj fgsfds?

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    Re: Teh ultra flash tut! (probebly big file size lol)

    Don't bump old threads...


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