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    A Mass of Animations

    Well my last topic is quite lost and gone, but aside from that, I've improved quite a bit.
    ~Stick Animations~
    SL IRC Animation: http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/5GpaW3pR-z3F
    12 FPS Fun: http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/r7iwz7Db-KEf
    Best Felix Animation (unfinished): http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/FoxqGFVt-E3k
    Dimensional (unfinished): http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/wmzBlhMN-06h
    THA-WHACK: http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/2XEYHNyf-tmo
    New Project (unfinished): http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/WcsFyyof-x6q
    Black Box Collab Part (Will never finish): http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/Nqovui6b-KPx

    ~Fullbody Animations~
    Brick-to-face: http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/iNXKrHlJ-XkM
    WW2 Animation (before in-betweens ect): http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/jqUzMyqR-UDR
    WW2 Animation (after in-betweens ect): http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/BWh3oExy-Rd6
    Fullbody attempt 2: http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/dC3yPuzM-zVM
    One of My Parts in a Small Joint With Squid: http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/UJk8wmBn-zm1
    Fullbody Practices #1: http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/gHRR07WW-nLB

    ~3D Works~
    First Ever 3D Gun: http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/S7gKbv9S-K08
    Second Ever 3D Gun: http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/ejjjrniM-CiL
    Third Ever 3D Gun: http://flost.shiftlimits.com/view/nvGMYQg6-nPg

    If you have been banned or otherwise suspended from viewing shiftlimits uploaded material, this is not my fault and I am not willing to re-upload for you.

    2.24.08 (8:45 PM): Links are down for now, make sure to check back later.
    2.24.08 (8:47 PM): Links back up, seems SL is having some occasional server problems.
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    Re: A Mass of Animations

    You have a lot of really nice stuff. The THA-WACK animation was animated well and the reflections looked nice.

    You should start adding more sound to your animations, it makes them a lot more enjoyable.

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    Re: A Mass of Animations

    I love the 12 fps, that kind of animating is hawt.
    Good stuff, you should add some sounds to more of them though lol.
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