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Thread: How do you?

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    How do you?

    How do you make an outline on your pivot stks when editing the pivot in flash?

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    Re: How do you?

    Ahh, to the best of my knowledge... you don't. Outline the pivot stk. in flash... you can't even import stk. files into flash, and if you import a gif. than of course you can't select the stickman because he is trapped in an image. You could always cut it out using the magic wand or trace tools, but why bother when you can just draw a new stickman with the line tool? Can you please better explain.

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    Re: How do you?

    What do you mean by outline? Be specific when asking questions.

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    Re: How do you?

    I think he either means how can you make a visible line around the stk, instead of having the whole thing in one colour. Well, in this case, don't do it in flash. If you want an outline on a stk that has both the outline and the fill, add another stick that is the same, make it a little bigger, send it to the back and change the colour. If it has a fill and an outline seperately, just change the colour of the outline. Is this what you want?

    Edit: You might want to edit the stks to get them looking right.


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