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    Virtual Reality(In development) And Unspoken truths

    Allow me to introduce my self, I am Dover and i animate in flash, As i've sure you've guessed.
    I realise this is my first post and because of that i should post in the Entrance Hall but that the overal meaning of this topic is not about me.

    The reason for this topic is to talk about a animation me and my a very good friend of mine are working on called Virtual reality. I am very excited about this animation and hope alot of you will be as well.
    The animation (Virtual reality) Will be about two guys who get stuck in an fantasy virtual reality game and have to find a way out. It's going to be a comdey series done in full body. This is a very big project and because of that we haven't finished an episode wich is enoying, but i'm gathering you all know or can imagine what's like trying to make ,script, voice act and edit a 10 minute full body animation. It's a lot of work XD.
    After realiseing that this was a VERY big job we worked out we needed some more help, and so we have our friends/family and anyone else help us by comeing up with ideas, doing voice clips and/or being extras in the show etc. After this a few people turned in to "Fans" So to speak and so we decided to make a flash group called "Unspoken truths" And we are loveing every moment of it. Alot of people have been asking for the eppisodes to come out or for us to realise stuff.
    So that's when we found our most insperation from. And so we decided if we can't realise episodes yet, we could realise something else, and thats when we decided Podcasts were the way to go.
    And so we have been realseing weekley podcasts trying to suplement the wanting of the eppisodes.

    I realise i'm new here and alot of you may think i've trying to make my self sound like an amazing animator and i'm not and i'm sorry if it comes over that way (I'm mentioning this as not to get called it, because some people have said that i am)

    Basicly i'm saying two 15 year olds are makeing a animation and have created a Flash group and have started to do podcasts on a thursday.
    And i have looked around the other topics and the community here seems nice and hopefully this does not get spamed or locked or anything.

    I realise this is quite a lengthy post and will be cutting this short, so if anyone has any questions or would like some info about anything, please either pm me, send us a email at utruths@gmail.com or utruths@googlemail.com we had some trouble with one so i made the other, we have a website wich is http://www.freewebs.com/unspokentruths which contains our podcasts, the cast of the show and some other random things.
    (Sorry if that came over as a advert)

    Thanks for takeing the time to read this


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    Re: Virtual Reality(In development) And Unspoken truths

    Sorry to be rude but, whats your point exactly?

    And yes, I read the whole thing.

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    Re: Virtual Reality(In development) And Unspoken truths

    To talk about an upcoming flash animation that i am working on.


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