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Thread: AS help

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    AS help

    I'm making a rpg sort of thing for flash. I want to make me character ease to a stop and not to be able to go through walls. I have no problem in making it so he doesn't go through walls, just the walking part, but whenever I try to do both at the same time errors just pop up.

    It would also be cool if someone told me how to have a red bar over my guys head that follows him wherever, and it's his health. I also need help with enemy AI. I have no idea on how to make them walk around. I want there to be a line of sight that if it turns red you have to restart the level, kind of like classroom 2, all while having the enemy move. Please, if anyone can, help me?

    Here's the Fla. file. It's cs3.

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    Re: AS help

    If you wanted to know how to flash a collab a week or two ago, you are not ready to make a game, I'm just saying. You'll have to be a bit more specific than 'finish my game' too. For people that don't have cs3, post the flash 8 version too (file>save as> whatever and choose flash 8 document).
    So, we'll tackle the simple things first. I'm currently on my other computer, but I'll edit this for sure with anything tht I can help with.

    Just now I'ma focus on the walking through walls thingie though.


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