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Thread: plz plz help me

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    plz plz help me

    i need to know how to put onion skins on in flash mx 2004 and how to make a link out of a word like when it says hello <--- and lets say thats a link can you click
    only my second sig! yayzorz!

    Thx DD[img]

    LOL guy!

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    Moved to flash help please make sure you post in the right section or else it will confuse everyone ^:_)

    but onion skin you just clic a buton with two squares and it has a small one behind it that is sortof faded ill post a pic of it later
    and the lnk is i think one of the old post so look there first and before so just alyays look in old post before you post a new help topic. but dont post in them[/code]


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