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Thread: Terkoiz trib

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    Terkoiz trib

    Yep, decided to make a short trib for terk , i just animated freely, with not really being careful in the process of making, i just focused on those rocket ball things, the stick i animated more freely, light handedly, so yea im practicing alot these days.


    anything i can improve on ?

    Btw, plz dont flame, i know this isnt the best trib or anything, but i did try, so dont flame me, im not trying to copy terk r his style, im basically using his idea to practice, not to try and copy him to be him.

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    Re: Terkoiz trib

    well keep practicing... The movements don't really flow well. It's like.. moving one direction and suddenly moving the other... Otherwise, keep practicing. ::)

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    Re: Terkoiz trib

    It was ok, try using a higher frame rate and zooming in more to draw your sticks. Other than that it was pretty good, not very terkoiz-y though, he uses a thicker brush.


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