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Thread: Swingkicks

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    Re: Swingkicks

    Nice Job LF2.
    It looked pretty realistic to me, and it was nice and Smooth.
    Nothing wrong to me, But I don't really know much because I unfortunately don't have flash yet.

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    Re: Swingkicks

    Damn, you really can make a smooth human animation.

    Well, I really like it. The physics were the "He can support it 'cause he can" type, I would have loved to see him bend a bit more down and have more of a push when he lifts off, but that's just my opinion.

    I love how everything flows, and you added trails to make it flow better.

    It's great Lf2, keep lurking around DD :3
    [center:15cesajl]I&#39;m gone, but I loved my time here. Thank you all for being such a great community![/center:15cesajl]


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