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    ma drawing (im a little rusty)

    how do like could i make it as an animator with practice?
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    Re: ma drawing (im a little rusty)

    When you shade, it's a good thing to keep in mind that shading goes in one direction, unless the light is "Behind" your character.
    And if it was, more than just his right eye would be covered in darker skin.

    In any case, I highly suggest for when you draw the darker skin, that you: draw in only one angle.
    Like under the nose, under his neck, around the bottoms of his eyes to show age, under his hair a bit.

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    Re: ma drawing (im a little rusty)

    Or front, DE. It kinda looks like theres light in front of him, but whatever.

    To be honest, it was pretty bad, you need to remember that drawing is done in layers, not just slapped straight on. You should try and make the form of the head first, then think where you're going to position everything, etc. Everything was just malformed and looked like a blob of play-do :P. Try and use a thinner bursh too.
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