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Thread: Help!

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    Can't in flash, you can make the Line tool fatter to make a stick guy? PLZ HELP!!!

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    I don't use macromedia flash, I use a cheaper version, (still gets the job done though), so I'm not sure exactly where it's located, but in the top of the screen, either in the center, or to one side, there's a drop down menu that says a number in it. (like 7 or somthing), when you select the line tool, you can adjust that menu to change the size of the line.

    Hope that helps, maybe someone with flash can take a screenshot for you.

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    In flash, the bar down at the bottom of your screen says properties, when you click the line tool the options in my picture come up, just click on the number circled in my picture and choose how thick you want it to be. :])


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