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Thread: Concepts

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    Hey guys.
    There is an art pack for a forum, and I asked if I could submit an animation, and they said yes, as long as it had some sort of concept behind it.
    So yeah, can anyone give me ideas or character ideas to do this with, as I am kinda stuck.

    One of my concepts that I might do is have a guy frozen in rock or something, and then having him break out slowly and with epic music behind it, then the slogan "Actoneart, Break free of your boundaries!"
    Anyway, you get what I mean, so can you help please?
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    Re: Concepts

    A forest of trees, randomly placed, and filling the entire screen. You're seeing it from a slightly tilted bird's-eye view.

    In the middle, there's a tiny outcropping where you can see the ground, and there's a red vapor with some neat appear/fade effects, and it bursts in to the bottom of *a form, whatever form you choose*, and with the burst a good 20 tree radius around the *form* crash down, and bend other trees. Do this a few times until the entire forest of trees are crashed down, and the form is in it's full majestic view, zoom in and say:
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