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    Wattsy94's Flash Thread... CHEK MEH?!?

    Well, heres my flash thread...
    Watch my anims and give helpfull comments, and ill avoid
    burning your house down.

    And at the moment, i dont have access to a tablet, so my animations
    may be a little edgey. Im hoping on getting a tablet for christmas, so yes... excuse
    me in this area.

    This is basically my first flash animation. Its a short loop, and in this animation i tested out using sound fx, and using different tools in flash 8 (being layers and all that other shit). Its pretty ordinary, but meh...

    http://www.trportfolio.net/upload/view_ ... ?id=307834

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    Re: Wattsy94's Flash Thread... CHEK MEH?!?


    Thats not bad, i dint like the her her her her sound Lol. could of had a more precise, defined sound. good animation though, looked good.


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