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    Kaltiz's Flash Thread

    Hey, i suck at pivot yes, but i think im pretty good at coding in flash, lets just say in the future im not going to be a animator im not creative enough for that type of stuff.
    Renji Vs Ichigo V.1
    This is a very very old game i made in year 8 or year 7 can't remember im working on a new version of this but CS3 is annoying me, i saved my files at school as a cs3 bring it home to my flash 8 and i cant continue to edit it . This game is called renji vs ichigo its a two player flash game and it has alot of glitches so yea enjoy.

    Renji Vs Ichigo V.2
    This is the second version uncomplete, was working on it at school and Azza destroyed it Go flame azza for me lol Jokes, i never got a chance to finish it so it is very buggy i have restarted working on it.

    I have a few other Flash games, but i don't wanna upload them just as yet. Going to get a few bugs out of them.

    Please do not complain about bugs these are both old games now and i am working on another game that will be ready soon.

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    Re: Kaltiz's Flash Thread

    They're ok.
    "Renji Vs Ichigo V.2" has no explanation of the controls so I had to figure it out by guessing.
    I don't know much about flash but you should and more controls, reactions to hits, a better background, more characters, etc...

    So ya...Work on that stuff.
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