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    Purple: Revamped!

    As some of you know and some of you dont know ( :P ), I am re-doing the Purple flash series, to be cinematic and awesome and all that other cool stuff!

    Heres a bit of a sneak peek at the story line:

    The first scene portrays William Black (main character) witnessing his father's murder.
    Into the main storyline, the first episode revolves around Black searching for his father's murderer, and the impact losing his father has had on his life.

    The main supporting character that will appear in Episode One is Zach, Black's friend who helps him find the murderer. There will be other very minor roles and I will hint at some mjor influential characters that will influence Black in the next episode. Purple himself will not be introduced in the first episode, but I promise this elusive charcter will show his face soon enough.

    As the story of the Purple saga progresses, you will see that Black is in for much more than just vengeance, and Purple has far more up his sleeve than murder. Get ready to see an epic tale unfold.

    I hope you will enjoy the Purple series every bit as much as Killing Spree or Toughluck animations, but thats for you to decide, isnt it?


    (yes I know these are a bit old, dont worry there will be more coming soon.)

    Thank you, and look forward to Purple: Episode One coming soon!
    Purple: Revamped is coming soon!

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    Looks awesome man. And I wassnt aware you made an account here, welcome.

    Good luck with it.
    In memory of Shane and Sarah

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    looks real great i cant wait in till it comes out

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    Looks real great from the screenshots, i'm sure i'll enjot it as much as I did with killing spree.

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    Looking forward to this one Pimbo : P Loved the original series but remaking it in a cinematic style should be awesome. Screenshots are tasty.


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