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    Zooming in flash

    ok i know how to zoom in while working on my animation lol. its hard to explain.

    eg. in pivot to zoom in you would incrase the size of the stk gradually.

    how do you do it in flash ? :P

    not so much zooming, just zoom in without editing my animation lol.

    i hope you understand. any help would be much aprechiated. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by xinqx28
    Hes right there are a few other methods but this is probably the most effective. If you wanna get more complex you can use 3D Max.

    - Adam

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    The problem with v-cams though, is that they camerize EVERYTHING, so if you want something like your signature name in the top left, it wont show if you zoom the camera to the bottom left, in order to have it show however, you finish creating your animation. then you cut all the frames of your animation and paste it into a movie clip (graphic preferably) then put the graphic into the timeline and the animatin will play like normal, but now you can use the free transform tool *the tool that looks like a box with black boxes on the corners* then click on the movie clip again, and use the boxes that show up to make it bigger or smaller, preferably using tweens so that it looks smoother (if you know what tween easing is use that alot more too, if you dont PM me)

    i hope that helps



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