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    Complety new to flash Need help !!!!!

    Well I just got flash and I really wana know how to make preloaders, how to load preloaders, how to get pivot into flash, how to get sound into flash, how to actually make flahs animations, how to get music into flash, how to make cool comics (like explosm and jynxi cat :P) and well basically how ot use flash.

    thanks in advanced


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    ... didn't you get a instructions manual with flash?

    SX: only a trial, I didnt buy it. I might if I get really in to it.

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    while your new, just use already made preloaders like the DD one. To import pivot into flash, click File > Import > Import to stage. Then you click your pivot and it will be in your flash document, then you adjust the document size to fit the pivot. put a preloader into the first frame. To put sounds in its really easy click File > Import > Import to LIBRARY. Then on the frame you want the sound to be click and drag the sound from the stage.

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    To get the DD.org preloader. Go to http://www.darkdemon.org/ and go to the downloads section. You'll figure it out from there.
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    how to make cool comics (like explosm and jynxi cat :P)
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    Well...thats sorta simple. Just make a comic. Draw a frame in one layer. Add a BG layer. Then add a people layer. If you need...add a text and 'Items" layer. Seperate everything to make sure they don't get stuck together or overlap eachother. Then just copy n' paste from frame to frame and edit them accordingly. Quite simple...time-consuming, but simple.


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