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Thread: Stick flash

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    u animate using the whole screen right now not magnified
    u have to change that
    animate with the largest brush size and zoom about 400 that should help u
    the ani itself wasnt to bad at all keep it up

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    Well. At the beginning, when he brought his arms up and down, you shoul've moved his body some to make it look more realistic than him standing totally still flaing his arms around, lol. Also, increase the fps, way to slow. And, in fact, the guy never made contact with the other guy when he kicked him...lol.

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    Weird but good none the less.Keep it up and show more then we have more to comment on.

    Well, I most probably will get banned for saying a lot of shit to Smashdood over MSN because the dear behated admins at darkdemon.org will not change my name which would probably take about 10 seconds or so but heh.


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