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    Adobe Flash Help

    What is better to draw and animate stick figures in Adobe Flash CS5 Professional

    I mean like lines or brush, bones(IK) or normal animation

    Please suggest any ideas

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    Re: Adobe Flash Help

    For stick figures, I don't recommend IK. It's too fiddly, takes too long. It feels less.. restricted if you're just going free hand. I'm not sure what you mean by "normal animation", but when it's between the line tool or the brush, it's mainly personal preference. Try out both, see which is more comfortable for you.

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    Re: Adobe Flash Help

    i suggest the paint tool for casual animation. IE: kicks, punches, jumps. that shit. but if you're going for epic shit like close up or 3-d, i would suggest using a large sized line tool. do NOT use the fucking bone tool. you have to make like 50 bagillion different symbols just to figure out that you have to put it in a graphic. plus, you have almost no choice but to tween it. >_> Also, i suggest you get flash 8 if you're animating sticks. the brush tool has like 4 more sizes.


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