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[center:2ojn6vb0]I'm a teen trying to major in animation in the long run. I love using flash and other tools for animation. Tried Pivot and felt too limited so I wont showcase that here. This thread is basically me trying different things in Flash. Mostly tests but some full length ones too.
My inspirations are Edd Gould (which is probably why my art is almost identical to his :/)
Harry Partridge,
and Jon CJG. So yea enjoy I guess.

[center:2ojn6vb0]Flash Movies[/center:2ojn6vb0]

[center:2ojn6vb0]SLAM - Test[/center:2ojn6vb0]
[center:2ojn6vb0]I think I abused the blur, and I messed up with the whole desk thing in his face, but I like it. The blur looks nice.[/center:2ojn6vb0]