I employ uncomfortable amounts of skewing and general laziness.
This makes my animations look pretty sloppy, lawl. (and they go too fast for the human eye to see)

Plus, I suffer from what I call the "Lazy Animator's Crutch". I tend to only animate stickfigures (which is fine, as the animation is what counts) but that's the least of my problem.

Almost every single one of my animations have heavy amounts of cartoon violence.
As in, not really a lot of blood, but fighting and stuff.

As long as you understand my horrible issues.. blarg

This one is my most recent, made in ten whole minutes. (this is my problem)
It's kind of technically two animations.

This one was made a long time ago to practice my smoothness.

Super twitchy.

And this little random thing was made when I said "my animations dun't haz enuf shading"
So I added a tiny grey shade to his head.

It was kind of weird looking, if someone can intercept what went wrong with it, that'd be great. @_@

I actually have the rest of my animations saved as SWF because I'm a dum dum, and I have no idea how to export those as gifs.

The rest of them are on my deviantART.
My animations are kind of loud, lulz.
(hope no one cares that I took my sounds from mostly Toribash)

I wish there was a freestyle section for flash, because I think I could really do better with my animations. :0
But here they are, I guess.