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Thread: ftw's flashes

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    ftw's flashes

    Kickin' around
    Fire Test
    Hard Spacing

    Fuck physics

    I tried.

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    You may want to consider using a host other than fileize, there servers are not very stable sometimes. As for the animations the physics one was pretty good, but I think that it could have used some more particle effects for the blood. It seems like you implemented more particles for your fire test though. The kicking one seemed a bit fast, most animators that animate at ~24fps typically add double and sometimes even triple framing. This is usually added to smooth the animation out, as well as extend the screen time of a specific pose or movement.
    Consider implementing this in future animations, alternatively you can use tween to easily ease a previous frame. Rather than using the double frame technique. Or even implement both methods and see how you like it/them

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    thanks for your constructive criticism. I will keep your points in mind for my next animations.


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